My name is Steven Kidwell.  I have been a designer for over 25 years, and during that time I have designed many things for many people.  In 2005, I started making books, bracelets, and monkey fists for friends and family.  I often received encouragement to start selling my goods.

So, in 2013 I decided to do just that....create custom items for unique individuals.

I really love what I do, both with the product on this website as well as my "day job".  I feel very fortunate, as my career has allowed me to travel the world, and be inspired by other cultures and people.  I always attempt to have some unique twist or feature to my version of whatever it is I am making.  For example, my book design grew out of a fascination  with a small portable notebook that had replaceable inserts, but that did not use elastic to secure the insert...I really don't like elastic...it never lasts.  So, I used my knowledge of knots to design a new 'system' to secure the removable books.

This same knot is used on my bracelets, which is a fairly common solution throughout Asia.  I like to add unique, hard to find, vintage, and precious metal beads to my bracelets.  Sometimes, I'll make a "One of Kind" bracelet, because I only found one or two cool beads on my travels. 

The Monkey Fist Keychain that I tie completely conceals the ends of the leather lace inside the core of the knot.  I add copper plated steel BB's to add weight and shape to the knot itself.  The keychain alone is made up of nearly 4 feet  of premium leather lace.  For the Boy Scouts, I make a necklace version that requires 5 feet of leather lace.

Nothing I make is mass produced, and I make all the products myself by hand.  Thanks so much for your interest.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Steven Kidwell