“I held the book for a long time last night; it feels and smells wonderful, and the intricacies keep unfolding!!! I studied the way it’s put together and it is absolutely my new favorite thing!”

Ally , Houston TX

... you get an A+ for presentation.  One thing attractive about your products is not just the items themselves, but all the tools, trade items, Signet stamp, etc. that give that old world/kingdom feel in your online pictures.  You continued to deliver  even in your packaging. You're definitely onto something.

Nelson,  Danielsville GA

I am a speech language pathologist and work with preschool children. They all love my bracelets, but for one little boy who is deaf and blind my bracelets are how he identifies me. We all have cards of different textures to let him know who we are, but he always goes to my wrists to find my bracelets. I have a beaded bracelet from the Love Project I wear along with yours. Yesterday he found the Love Project bracelet I had on, but kept searching for the others. He loves the textures! Just wanted to share the story to let you know your work brings joy and has many purposes. 
Thank you again!!!!

Got it. Love it!
I don’t journal. But something started when I got my bracelet. And reading your story about the “one book”. It inspired me to start journaling. 
My wife and I just finished a 10 day trip driving around and exploring New England.  VT, NH, ME and MA. I stopped at a local book store in ME and picked up moleskin books and started writing down our journeys. When I ordered the journal, I was on my trip. 
Now I’m home. I slipped in the book I had started and got to writing. This morning was my first morning back and I was able to sit outside and finish my journal from the trip. 
Thank you!  It’s weird how certain things inspire people to do something different. 
For me. That started a while back when I first saw your bracelet in the Mountain Khaki catalog.  And now I wear my bracelet everyday, and look to it for inspiration to slow down and enjoy the things around me. And now, I have a way to write down and remember them. 

You made a large size One book for me a year-plus ago, and I subsequently purchased the pocket edition from Mountain Khakis.
 Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with both. The small one goes with me in my back pocket everywhere, dutifully having conformed to the gentle curve of my posterior. It is full of shopping lists, memos, notes, and all manner of what-have-you. 
 The large one goes with me weekly to church for sermon note-taking and stays at home for longer “journaling” entries and ideas when I need to preserve a thought. 
 Given their sturdy and careful construction, I’m sure both will outlive me and bear witness to my children of their father’s cluttered mind and random thoughts. 

 Just wanted you to know they are much appreciated.

William K

Steven - huge fan of your work.  Very eager to get a travel book, and a monkey fist key chain.  If you are still making them in chocolate, even better. I have a ‘One Book’ that I purchased from Mountain Khakis,  and it is with me traveling in Africa as I write from an internet cafe. An incredible piece of gear and I want to get more. It looks as if you have two sizes of the travel book? If so, would love to get one of each size. I am a retired US Marine Colonel and travel to work and hunt a lot. These are perfect companions for any/all writing, sketching, storing of ideas in far-flung places. I have one last thought on your books.  To me, there is so much 'tech" today that I believe some people do not even write.  In my opinion, a classy, unique piece of gear like your books makes me feel a bit more timeless and - in some of the places it goes with me - gives that book the ability to enable my adventures, whether on a hunting trip in the Yukon or on-assignment as I am now.  True class never goes out of style.

Sincerely and Semper Fidelis, George

Steven, I received the One book and Monkey fist yesterday. I couldn't be more pleased. The rich leather, craftsmanship and rugged simplicity in the design give the book unique appeal. The packaging was great and the custom ordering process a pleasure.

- Scott

Is Steven Kidwell the Coolest man alive?

I think he may be... That's cooler than any gift I've ever received. Damn! Thank you! So psyched old note pads are retired forever. God, presentation matters ... World class.


I purchased one of Steve's bracelets from Mountain Khakis. I liked it so much I contacted Steve to see about making another one in a custom color.  Steven provided several different bead colors and silver spacer options.  Ultimately I chose a green malachite bead with silver beads from Thailand.  It turned out fabulous!
I noticed on his website he also created journals.  I asked Steven what other options or choices were available.  Steven provided several choices like an inside pocket, different bead choices, enclosures styles and leather choices.  I ultimately chose the One Book style without a closure.  I asked Steven to round off the corners of the journal and selected several trade beads that were simple, sleek and matched for use on the spine and book marks.  I would strongly recommend Steven as he will work tirelessly to get the final product you want.  I know he did for me!
Kurt H
New York City

Hi Steven
Thank you, the bracelets are beautiful and meaningful. I did not know Anita had contacted you...she saw a bracelet of yours that I had purchased from Mountain Khakis and asked for your info. Incredibly we both came up with the same idea for reunion bracelets without each other knowing!
Thanks again for adding a special memory to our new life together!      _ Antonio

I was contacted by a woman, Anita, wanting a special custom bracelet for a man she just reconnected with after decades of separation. This man is the "love of her life".  On the same day, a man, Antonio, contacted me wanting a special bracelet design for the "love of his life".  It was very strange for me, because they did not reference each others request in their emails.  They were unaware that they had the same idea of a special bracelet signifying their reunion and love for each other.  I did not mention to either of them that I was working on the designs simultaneously.   It wasn't until both had received the bracelets that the coincidence was revealed.

So cool....

                                                               - Steven Kidwell

Jimmy contacted me with a special project.  He lost his sister to a motorcycle accident in 2012.  He inherited  her Pandora bracelet, and wanted to re-purpose one of the beads on a key chain  that he could use everyday.  I thought it was a wonderful idea.

                                                               - Steven Kidwell

    I can't express how very pleased I am with the results! Joyce meant the world to me,she was my actually closest and best friend.
I've kept her pandora bracelet in a drawer and I have over the last eighteen months on special occasions been buying her beads that she would have liked, with the thought that at some point in time I would give the bracelet to someone who loves her as much as I do.
Having the first bead I bought for her on the key fob not only reminds me of her, but when people ask me about it (which they already have) it gives me the opportunity to talk about her and that helps keep her fresh in my mind.
You have been very kind and considerate and your willingness to help me on a personal level will not be forgotten.
With Appreciation,

Steven Kidwell is an artist and an artisan. I just receive my One Book and love it. I love the look, feel and the smell of the leather. The design is straightforward and so practical. I plan to make it part of my life. I contacted Steve and "collaborated" on the beads used in the book as well as on a unique red white heart bracelet which turned out great also. It was a pleasure working with him and many thanks...ccb

MY (emphasis on one-and-only, only-begotten) beautiful ONE book arrived in today's mail, safe and sound -- thanks for the prompt shipping.  It is gorgeous of course, and ingenious. I decided to reverse the order of the Moleskines (switching sides) and that gave me a chance to experiment with the lashing design. Very efficient engineering! At first, upon reassembly, I had made the bookmarks too short but I quickly was able to adjust the cords and make the external spine bead cords shorter and the bookmark bead-cords longer (the way you had them when it arrived). The instructions you provided were very helpful -- I have to find a safe place to tuck them away! Well, thus begins a new chapter. I look forward to finding ways to use this large size, and may still get the smaller one from MK for back-pocket use. But I'll experiment with the large size for a while and see what kind of rhythm I develop with it. This has been a grand journey -- thanks for entering in and providing a unique, lifetime acquisition. 
Matthews, NC