Custom key chains may be ordered in brown or black leather.   I have some very unique Mokume Gane beads that are custom made for this keychain.  Also available, but in limited supply, are a few Damascus steel beads.  Lastly, I have Sterling Silver accents beads, and can tie the 'cobra knot' in various colors.  I'm always willing to experiment with new ideas and materials.

This is my personal keychain.  I have added a very cool Damascus Steel Bead just above the Monkey Fist.

The Monkey Fist knot has a long history and a variety of uses. 
It has been tied at the end of a rope to add weight, making the rope easier to throw and able to go a farther distance. 
It has been used as an anchor in rock climbing, by wedging the knot into the cracks on the mountain face. 
It has even been used as a weapon called a slungshot  by adding a steel ball or rock in the center of the knot . This monkey fist key fob was tied right here in the USA.  The unique method of tying the knot completely encloses both ends of the leather, so by all appearances the knot has no ends .  Both ends are in the center, forming their own knots and making up the core of the monkey fist.  I've added copper BB’s to fill in the gaps and add a little weight.  The finishing touches are the figure 8 knot, another climbing knot, and the larks head attaching the fob to the split ring. This keychain is not only an interesting and beautiful conversation piece, but it’s useful as well. When you place your keys in your pocket, hang the knot outside the pocket.   Retrieving the keys is quick and easy.  In a pinch, your keys might be used in a self defense situation, and the Monkey Fist make a nice grip for a much smaller version of a reverse slungshot!

A Unique Leather Keychain with an Interesting History

Monkey Fist Keychain