Not everyone sketches, journals, or writes down thought provoking quotes, but everyone has "Life notes"; grocery lists, appointment reminders, task lists, directions, phone numbers, shopping research, whatever...And, on occasion, an amazing idea may enter your brain, and you have the book to jot it down.  You have it, because all the tiny little nothing details that will never make it into your smart phone or computer, are in your little book and are crucial to you living your life. 
    The One Book captures a time period in your life, it's not something you write in once a month, it's something you have with you and you USE for the stuff that doesn't make sense to go digital on, and for the stuff you don't want to go digital because you would like to read it again in 20 years. 
Digital information gets purged, written over, or lost to a computer crash.  Your handwriting will endure the ages.  How many of your blog entries do you think your grandchildren will read?
     I used to write and draw in bound leather books.  I became upset when I filled up my last bound sketchbook because I would no longer get to carry around my beautiful book anymore, it was full and now shelf bound.  All of the character and patina that took so long to develop would be in storage.
    The One Book is actually "One cover" with replaceable inserts.  This leather gets more beautiful with age.  The thing I like about the Moleskine inserts is that they are, for all practical purposes, a stitched signature from a larger book.  So, when you use the "One Book", you're actually writing a 1000 page book, 64 pages at a time.                                                                                
                                                                                                                               -  Steven C. Kidwell                                                                                  


Not a Journal, not a sketchbook, not a's all of them in one

One Book

"Travel" Version with

the flap and tie closure

"Book" Version with

no closure